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Lonesome Pine Quilts - Product Index
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Feedsack III Floral 7948-25
Feedsack III Flower & Dot 7940-25
Fern Hill Night Sky 2183-16
Fern Hill Red Poppy 2186-12
Fernwood Wave Dots Lagoon 06035-54
Fernwood Handblocked Fern Latte from Benartex 06034-07
Fernwood Wave Dots Blue 06035-50
Fernwood Wave Dots Leaf 06035-40
Flight of Fancy 24" x 45" Golden Wings Panel from Northcott 21662M-39
Flight of Fancy Golden Wings Cascading 24" x 45" Panel from Northcott 21663M-39
Flight of Fancy Teal 24" x 45" Panel from Northcott 21662M-34
Floursack Red 33075-4
Folio 108" Wide Back Green Vine 7882-68
Folio Gold 7755-33
Follow The Sun Cream Bees from Wilmington 86431-159
Follow The Sun Yellow Dot from Wilmington 86434-559
Food Festival Bananas 461-yellow
Food Festival Onions 439 Yellow
Food Potato C6536
Forever Love Floret Butter 3816-30
Forever Love Floret White 3816-09
Forever Love Ruby 10142-10
Fossil Fern Pink Lilac 528-25
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Gold Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Gold Vine from In TheBeginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Green Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Green Vine from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Orange Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Orange Vine from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Pink Floral from In The Beginning 12JPI1
Four Seasons- Spring Collection Purple Floral from In The Beginning 12JPI3
Four Seasons Summer Collection Blue Stripe from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer collection Gold Circles from In The Beginning Fabrics
Four Seasons Summer Collection Gold Stripe from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer Collection Orange Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer collection Orange Stripe from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer Collection Panel WZ22673 from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Winter collection Black Dot from In The Beginning WZ8104
Four Seasons Winter collection Black Snowflake from In The Beginning WZ8101
Four Seasons Winter Collection Cream Snowflake from In The Beginning WZ8102
Four Seasons Winter Collection Green Dot from In The Beginning WZ8103
Four Seasons Winter Collection Panel from In The Beginning WZ8098
Four Seasons Winter collection Red Snowflake from In The Beginning WZ8100
Four Seasons Yellow Floral from In The Beginning 12JPI2
Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant 674-01-01
Freedom Bound Quilt Kit from Windham
French Country Blue Tiny Vines 373N
French Country Navy Wavy Vines 374N
French Country Tan Floral Repeat 371LZ
French Country Wine Tiny Vines 373Z
French Country Wine Wavy Vines 374Z
Fresh Picked Cherries Black 23001J
Fresh Picked Cherries White 23001Z
Fresh Picked Lemons White 23000Z
Fresh Picked Strawberries Yellow 23003S
Freshly Picked Gray Words Fabric from Wilmington 54543-911
Freshly Picked Placemat Panel from Wilmington 54537-243
Froggin' Around Blue A7401-077
From The Heartland
From the Heartland Stars Blue/Cream
From the Heartland Stars Red/Cream
Fruit Basket Allover Words
Fruit Basket Fruit Allover
Fruit Basket Panel
Fushia suede 300
Garden Gathering 10 Karet 10" Squares from Wilmington
Garden Gathering 24" x 44" Panel from Wilmington 28122-475
Garden Gathering 40 Karet Strip Set from Wilmington
Garden Gathering 5 Karet 5" Squares Pack from Wilmington
Garden Gathering Purple Dot from Wilmington 28129-661
Garden Gathering Soft Book Panel from Wilmington 28123-472
Gauze and Effect- Grey Polka Dot from Studio E 3676-90
Gauze and Effect-Pink Polka dot from Studio E 3676-02
Gauze and Effect-Whales Gauze Fabric from Studio E 3672-09
Gingham Girl White Blossom from Penny Rose C5903R-White
Gingham Girls 10 Inch Stacker from Penny Rose 10-5900-42
Gingham Girls Butterfly Yellow from Penny Rose C5902R-Yello
Gingham Girls Flower Red Floral from Penny Rose C5905R-Red
Gingham Girls Yellow Plaid from Penny Rose C5904R-Yello
Gingher 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker Shears
Give Thanks Black Border
Give Thanks Black Floral
Give Thanks Harvest Patch Panel
Give Thanks Tan Wheat
Give Us This Day Panel 23678-JK
Give Us This Day Swirl 23681-JK
Glamour Box Hats & Shoes Black
Glory 24 x 45 Panel 24664 X_l
Glory Brown Texture Blender 24666 A_l
Glory Love God Tan Text 24665 E_l
Glory Tan Texture Blender 24666 E_l
Go Fish Tossed Lures Gray 23022-K
God Can 6869
Goin Bananas Brown
Gold Batik 6021
Golf Club Sepia BTR 6900
Good To Be Home Panel from Clothworks
Gooseberry Lane Black Floral by Kansas Trouble from Moda 9540-19
Graceful Moments Ecru Tiny Rosebuds 8326M-E
Graceful Moments Red Full Bloom 8320M-P
Graceful Moments Taupe Full Bloom 8320M-A
Grand Slam Black Baseballs from Benartex 8367-12
Grand Slam Cream Baseball Player Picture Patches 24906 E_l
Gratitude Cinnamon 38008-19
Gratitude Cocoa 38005-14
Gratitude Parchment 38002-13
Gray Stove Ticking from RJR 2959
Greener Pastures Horses on Green 1828-82492-722
Grey Day Barnboard 153FD-0109
Handmade Cream Circle Floral 55140-18
Handmade Green Check 55142-24
Handmade Layer Cake 1867.39480
Happiness Is Peanuts Yellow Stripe 1649-22067S
Happy Trails Allover 6801 Green
Happy Trails panel 6800-black
Harmony Ash Cotton Woven Fabric from Quilting Treasures 24776K
Harmony Chambrey Vine 24777 QB
Harmony Crocus Vine 24777 L
Harmony Graphite 24777 K
Harmony Marine Flannel 24778OFLN
Harmony Party Vine 24777 P_l
Harmony Sapphire Flannel 24778YFLN
Harvest Greetings Picture Patch Panel from Quilting Treasures 25820X
Harvest Hill Brown Floral from Moda 9550-18
Harvest Hill Charm Pack from Moda
Harvest Hill Layer Cake by Kansas Trouble for Moda Fabrics
Harvest Hill Red Leaf Reproduction fabric from Moda 9552-13
Hazel Teal Floral 40839-7
Hazel Teal Geo 40838-7
Healthy Eats How to Burn Calories Phrases 24788 S
Heartland Home Brick from Northcott 21682-24
Heat Press Batting Together
Heaven Sent Angel Script on Cream from Benartex 856507B
Heaven Sent Beatitudes Tan fabric from Benartex 856807B
Heaven Sent Blue Starry Heavens from Benartex 856955B
Heaven Sent Heavenly Blue Sky from Benartex 857055B
Heaven Sent Heavenly Blue sky-multiple from Benartex 857099B
Heaven Sent Luminated Cross on Cream from Benartex 856607B
Hello World 24" x 45" Panel from Nortcott 21652-62
Help Is On The Way Gray Words 82477-991
Henry Glass God Gave Me to You Pink Wave
Heritage Collection- Cream State Names from Wilmington 84409-222
Heritage Collection- Repeating Stripe from Wilmington 84402-143
Heritage Collection- Small Blue Stars from Wilmington 84407-444
Heritage Collection- Small Red Stars from Wilmington 84407-333
Heritage Collection-Diagonal Stripe from Wilmington 84406-134
Heritage Collection-Panel from Wilmington 84401-134
Hi-De-Ho 5" Squares pack from Maywood CP-MASHDH
Hi-De-Ho Blue Posies from Maywood MAS9136-N
Hi-De-Ho Oval Flowers fabric from Maywood MAS9142-R
Hi-De-Ho Red Posies Fabric from Maywood MAS9136-R
Hi-De-Ho Sister's Choice Table Runner Pod from Maywood MAS04-HDH
Hi-De-Ho Strip Set from Maywood ST-MASHDH
Hi-De-Ho Yellow Posies Fabric from Maywood MAS9136-S
Hobbit Map Fabric from Camelot Cotton 23210103J
Hoffman Blue Bayou Batik from Hoffman 1895-577
Hoffman Seabreeze Batik 885-207
Hoffman Singapore Batik from Hoffman 1895-240
Holiday Magic Border 86343-193
Holiday Magic Ornaments 86346-915
Holiday Magic Panel 86342-317
Holiday Ramblings White Snowflake RAMH00751
Holiday Trimmings 24" x 45" Poinsettia Tree Panel from Blank 8597P-99
Holiday Trimmings Red Textured Holly from Blank 8603-88
Hollywood Icons Audrey Movie Poster ARD-14447-205
Hollywood Icons Marilyn Monroe Movie Panel from Robert Kaufman 14446-205
Holy Bible Amen White 4888-9
Home For The Holidays Dark Gray Pine Trees from Quilting Treasures 25898K
Home Sweet Home Roads from Blank C4492
Homestead 24" x 44" Farm Panel from Wilmington 82532-319
Homestead 24" x 44" Farm Placemat Panel from Wilmington 825344-139
Homestead Farm Repeating Border Stripe from Wilmington 32534-193
Homestead Gatherings Barn Red 1111-28
Homestead Red Barnwood from Wilmington 82540-339
Hot Potatoes Royal Stripe
How To Eat Heallthy Toss 24787 S
Huggable and Loveable Halloween Holiday Treat Bag from Studio E E-3370P-1
Huggable and Loveable I Ruff You Softbook from Studio E E3358P-1
Huggable and Loveable Whooo Loves You Soft Book from Studio E E-3366P-1
Hummingbird Patches from Quilting Treasures 25933Q
I Sea Spots Cream Leaf Batik from Batik Textiles 3345
I Sea Spots Geo Batik from Batik Textiles 3351
I Sea Spots Gray/Green Blender Batik from Batik Textiles 3365B
I Sea Spots Swirl Batik from Batik Textiles 3349
Imperial Black Swirl 1649-23916J
In The Navy Essentials 10 Karet 10" Squares Set from Wilmington
In The Navy Essentials 40 Karet Strip Set from Wilmington
In The Navy Essentials 5 Karet 5" Squares from Wilmington
In The Navy Essentials Navy Blue Blender from Wilmington 39094-444
Indigo With Green Trailing Vines Batik MASB02-008
Ironwood Ranch Blue Boots & Hats Toss 84358-429
Ironwood Ranch Blue Toile 84357-444
Ironwood Ranch Brown Stripe 84361-222
Ironwood Ranch Dark Brown Red Stripe 84361-233
Ironwood Ranch Red Words All Over 84360-333
Ironwood Ranch Tan Bandana Toss 84359-221
Java 108" Wideback Blue Splash Floral Batik from Maywood MASJQB10-030
Java 108" Wideback Red Paisley Batik from Maywood MASJQB17-016
Jesus Loves Me II Blue Hearts from Henry Glass 6821-11
Jesus Loves Me II Red Words from Henry Glass 6819-88
John Deer Farm Scene Patches 555756470715
John Deere Animal Toss 55573G550715
John Deere Excavate 59370A620715
John Deere Green Tractor and Duck from Springs Creative 16105
John Deere Pink Bandana Tractor 54814C470715
John Deere Proven Power 580502160715
John Deere Tractor Dot on Flannel 54816C470710
John Deere Tractor On Plaid 547891600715
John James Gold'n Glide Big Eye Quilting Needles Size 11
John James Size 9 Quilting Needles
Jolly Old St Nick Green Snowflake 23943F
Jolly Old St Nick Green Stripe 23944F
Jolly Old St Nick Red Stripe 23944R
Jolly Old St Nick Tan Snowflake 23943E
Jo's Best Friends Navy Leaf 4883B
Jo's Best Friends Brown 7161
Jo's Best Friends Brown Tiny Flower P0260-3499N
Jo's Best Friends Green paisley 3229
Joy Love Peace Panel 3313P-88
Joy Love Peace Red Dot 3312-88
Joyeaux Noel 24"x45" Panel 2985P99
Joyeaux Noel Cream Holly 2988-44
Joyeaux Noel Red Floral 2987-44
Joyful Harvest Multi Panel Metallic 23617-MUL1
Joyful Harvest Red Texture Metallic 23625-RED1
Jumbo Dots Black/White 691-835
Jumbo Dots Green/White 691-834
Jumbo Dots White/Black 691-833
Just Dahlias Digital 24" x 45" Panel from Red Rooster 4649
Kansas Trouble Navy Floral 9480-14
Kansas Trouble Tan Reproduction Print 9485-11
Kanvas Extreme Sports II Splatter Camo lg630379
Kids Four Corners Apron Pattern
Kimberbell Basics Assorted Colors 5" Squares from Maywood Studio
Klasse Twin Universal Sewing Macine Needles
Klasse Universal Heavy Assortment Needles
Knock on Wood Birch Tree Trunk 3311
Kona Solid Navy 1243
Kona Solids Brown 1845
Kona Solids Burgundy 1054
Kona Solids Cocoa 1082
Kona Solids Surf 32
La Scala- Small Onyx Floral from Robert Kaufman 16480-181
La Scala-Taupe Leaves from Robert Kaufman 16484-160
Lady in Red Paisley Blender from Paintbrush Studio 120-5991
Lakeside Camping Gold Plaid
Lakeside Camping Green Plaid
Lakeside Retreat Panel 44072-214
Landscape Medley Bark 288Grey
Landscape Medley Black Midnight Sky 326 Black
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