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Lonesome Pine Quilts - Product Index
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Deep Brown Holly Batik MASB00-054
Designer Dapples Caribbean D35
Designer Twine Rust Paprika T09
Digital Gardens Tulips and Butterflies D535MULTi
Digital Gardens Tulips Squared Panel DP534Black
Digital Gradens Graduating Tulips All Over DP533MULTI
Dimples Black 1867K2
Dimples Black PO260-1867
Dimples Cream 108" Wideback from Andover AW8408L
Dimples Deep Red 1867R6
Dimples Gray 108" Wideback from Andover AW8408C
Dimples Hunter Green P0260H
Dimples Lime PO260-1867G19
Dimples Orange 1867O9
Dimples Orange PO260-1867O10
Dimples Red PO260-1867R7
Dimples Rust 1867O10
Dimples White PO260-1867WW
Dimples Yellow PO260-1867Y3
Dino Riffic Brown Words fabric from Studio E 3404-33
Dino-Riffic Brown Dinosaur Words 3404S-33
Dino-Riffic Light Blue Dinosaur Panel 3401PS-11
Dino-Riffic Light Green Dinosaurs and Trees 3403S-60
Disney Ariel & Friends 36"x45" Panel 14167
Disney Bambi Woodland Dreams 14245
Disney Classic Tales 7 Dwarfs 14245
Disney Mickey & Icons Toss Black 14329
Disney Mickey & Pluto Tree Toss 14167
Disney Mickey on Woven Plaid Red 13331
Disney Novelty Minnie Flower
Disney Snow White with Animal Friends 14275
Dit Dot Brown Flannel 8AHF18
Dit Dot Red Flannel 8AHF7
Dit Dot Sage Green Flannel 8AHF4
Dit Dot Tan Flannel 8AHF3
Dot Dot Dash Diagonal Stripe 22267-20
Dot Dot Dash Pink Dot 22262-11
Dot Dot Dash Teal Dot 22262-16
Dots Great Balis Dots Great Black 3671-12B
Dots Great Balis Dots Great Red 3671-10B
Down of the Farm Brown Barnwood 23512-A
Down on the Farm Red Barnwood 23512-R
Down to Earth 8085-33
Down To Earth Buggy Barn Brown small print 8084-38
Downton Abbey Lady Rose Green & Gray A7614EC
Dragon Fly Magic Green Swirl 5920M
Drawing Straws Christmas Fabric from Benartex 08392-12
Dritz Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant
Dritz Medium to Heavyweight Universal Sewing Machine Needles
Dritz Needle Threaders
Dritz Seam Ripper
Dritz Size 9 Universal Sewing Machine Needles
Early to Rise 24" x 45" Panel from Wilmington 89154-931
Early to Rise Red Check from Wilmington 8916-3331
Eclipse 3955 White
EIEIO Animal Toss 6150-44
EIEIO Panel 24"x45" 6149P-44
EIEIO Stripe 6152-41
Elastic Threader
Ember Dots EZC12872285
Emma 108 inch Emma 7281-39
Emoji Black Crosses from Northcott 21841-99
Emoji Characters on white from Northcott 21838-10
Emoji Yellow Crosses from Northcott 21841-52
Enchanged Pines Blue Starry Sky AYC1546569
Enchanted Pines Bear Collage AYC15575169
Enchanted Pines Blue Snowy Treeline AYC15466217
Enchanted Pines Brown pinecone AYC1547316
Enchanted Pines Green Forest Treeline AYC15466208
End of Summer Packed Small Floral Purple
Espresso Blender SRK14445174
Essentals Purple Spltter 31588-606
Essential Green Criss Cross 85507-707
Essentials 108 Backing Scroll Dk Q1055-7210-339
Essentials 108 Backing Scroll Espresso Brown Q1055-7210-205
Essentials Brights Blue Speckle 31588-440
Essentials Brown Climbing Vine Fabric from Wilmington 38717-229
Essentials Brown Salt Texture
Essentials Brown Vine 38717-200
Essentials Climbing Vine Black Q1887-38717-999
Essentials Climbing Vine Brown Q1887-38717-223
Essentials Climbing Vine Dk. Red 1887-38717-339
Essentials Climbing Vine Golden Yellow Q1887-38717-555
Essentials Climbing Vine Med. Blue 1887-38717-440
Essentials Cream Cookie Dough fabric from Wilmington 1817-39094-111
Essentials Dark Blue Salt
Essentials Dark Brown Salt Texture
Essentials Embelleshment Pink Q1013-51000-330
Essentials Green Cris Cross 85507-777
Essentials Leafy Scroll Lt. Warm Green Q1402-38035-701
Essentials Leafy Scroll Pale Taupe 1402-26035-221
Essentials Midnight black Blender fabric from Wilmington 1817-39094-999
Essentials Petite Dots Black/Ivory 1817-39065-912
Essentials Petite Dots Black/White 1817-39065-911
Essentials Pink Filigree 1810-331
Essentials Purple Scroll 1077-89025-666
Essentials Purple Swirl 39055-666
Essentials Red Filigree 42324-333
Essentials Scroll Aged Blue 1077-89025-444
Essentials Scroll Black Q1077-89025-900
Essentials Scroll Dark Red 1077-59025-339
Essentials Scroll Dark Rust 1077-89025-888
Essentials Scroll Dark Teal Blue 1077-89025-479
Essentials Scroll Espresso Brown 1007-89025-205
Essentials Scroll Gold 1077-89025-550
Essentials Scroll Gold Q1077-89025-550
Essentials Scroll Lt Tan Q1077-89025-221
Essentials Scroll Very Dk. Green 1077-89025-799
Essentials Spatter Lt Green Q1080-31588-770
Essentials Tonal Vine Pale Yellow 38717-112
Essentials White cookie Dough Fabric from Wilmington 1817-39094-100
Essentials White Snowflake 68782-100
Essentials Yellow Criss-Cross 85507-500
Essentials Yellow Filligree 42324-505
Estate Gardens Border 7814N
Estate Gardens Chambray Marigold 83695
Estate Gardens Large Floral 7813N
Estate Gardens Small Floral 7815N
Estate Gardens Sterling Floral 7816N
Everything But the Kitchen Sink Green 1586-3
Everything But the Kitchen Sink Pink 1586-1
Explore America Bright State Names AOM16039195
Explore America panel AOM-16038-195
Explore America State Names 16039-200
Explore America Vintage States 24" x 44" Cream Panel AOM16038200
Expressions of Faith Cream Blender 23528EA
Expressions of Faith Words 23607X
Extra Firm Heat-n-Bond Non-Woven Fusible Interfacing
Extravaganza Green Geo 4644G
Extravaganza Large Floral C4640
Extravaganza Pink Floral C4645P
Extravaganza Purple Floral C4645
EZ Quilting Disappearing Ink Pen
Fabrique-Istan Scroll Bronze
Fall Festival Apples to Pears Black 6490-12
Fall's Canvas Trees Rust 112-29172
Fancy Free Blue Blender 00757-54
Farm Animals Brown Barnwood 357 Brown
Farm Animals Brown Pigs Scenic 338E-BRN
Farm Animals Red Barnwood 357-Red
Farm Fresh Panel
Farmer John Garden Party Blueberries 12013281
Farmer John Garden Party Cherries 12013291
Farmer John Garden Party Strawberries 12013271
Farmer John Garden Party Watermelon 12013311
Farmer John Organic Corn 120-0561
Farmer John Organic Potatoes 120-0541
Farmers Market Potato 0885-001
Farmland Repeating Stripe
Farmland Tossed Tan Tractors
Father Frost Green Damask 0834M-44
Father Frost Ornament Cream/Gold 0831M-7
Father Frost Red Damask 0834M-10
Faux Leather Black 19627-BLA1
Faux Leather Brown 19627-BR01
Faux Leather Burgundy 19627-BUR1
Faux Leather Giraffe Brown 60" 361424154
Feedsack III Circles 7944-25
Feedsack III Floral 7948-25
Feedsack III Flower & Dot 7940-25
Fern Hill Night Sky 2183-16
Fern Hill Red Poppy 2186-12
Fernwood Wave Dots Lagoon 06035-54
Fernwood Handblocked Fern Latte from Benartex 06034-07
Fernwood Wave Dots Blue 06035-50
Fernwood Wave Dots Golden 06035-33
Fernwood Wave Dots Leaf 06035-40
Fire Rescue II Firetruck Panel 8050P-088
Flight of Fancy 24" x 45" Golden Wings Panel from Northcott 21662M-39
Flight of Fancy Golden Wings Butterflies from Northcott 21664M-39
Flight of Fancy Golden Wings Cascading 24" x 45" Panel from Northcott 21663M-39
Flight of Fancy Teal 24" x 45" Panel from Northcott 21662M-34
Flight of Fancy Teal 24" x 45" Shimmer Panel from Northcott 21663M-34
Flip the Pig's Spring Flowers Stripe SB20149-820
Floursack Red 33075-4
Folio 108" Wide Back Green Vine 7882-68
Folio Gold 7755-33
Folio Vine Pale Teal 7755-76
Follow The Sun Cream Bees from Wilmington 86431-159
Follow The Sun Yellow Dot from Wilmington 86434-559
Food Festival Bananas 461-yellow
Food Festival Onions 439 Yellow
Food Potato C6536
Forever Love Floret Butter 3816-30
Forever Love Floret White 3816-09
Forever Love Ruby 10142-10
Fossil Fern Pink Lilac 528-25
Four Seasons Autumn Collection 24" x 45" Panel from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Autumn Leaves from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Gold Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Gold Vine from In TheBeginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Green Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Green Vine from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Orange Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Autumn Collection Orange Vine from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Pink Floral from In The Beginning 12JPI1
Four Seasons- Spring Collection Purple Floral from In The Beginning 12JPI3
Four Seasons Spring Collection-Panel From In the Beginning 10JPI1
Four Seasons Summer Collection Blue Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer Collection Blue Stripe from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer Collection Floral from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer collection Gold Circles from In The Beginning Fabrics
Four Seasons Summer Collection Gold Stripe from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer Collection Orange Circles from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer collection Orange Stripe from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Summer Collection Panel from In The Beginning
Four Seasons Yellow Floral from In The Beginning 12JPI2
Four Seasons-Spring Collection Black Floral from In The Beginning 11JPI1
Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant 674-01-01
French Country Blue Tiny Vines 373N
French Country Navy Wavy Vines 374N
French Country Tan Floral Repeat 371LZ
French Country Wine Tiny Vines 373Z
French Country Wine Wavy Vines 374Z
Fresh Picked Cherries Black 23001J
Fresh Picked Cherries White 23001Z
Fresh Picked Lemons White 23000Z
Fresh Picked Strawberries Yellow 23003S
Freshly Picked Gray Words Fabric from Wilmington 54543-911
Freshly Picked Placemat Panel from Wilmington 54537-243
Froggin' Around Blue A7401-077
From The Heartland
From the Heartland Stars Blue/Cream
From the Heartland Stars Red/Cream
Fruit Basket Allover Words
Fruit Basket Fruit Allover
Fruit Basket Panel
Fuchsia Minkee Blankee 67481
Funny Farm Panel 3394P-11
Funny Farm Teal Farm Animals Fabric from Studio E 3399-11
Funny Farm White Animal Sounds 3398-16
Fushia suede 300
Fusion Illusion Blender Ivory 4368 Ivory
Fusions Meadow Cardinal Blender 14445-94
Garden Critters Soft Book 7348P-001
Gauze and Effect- Grey Polka Dot from Studio E 3676-90
Gauze and Effect-Pink Polka dot from Studio E 3676-02
Gauze and Effect-Whales Gauze Fabric from Studio E 3672-09
Gift Certificate
Gilded Leaf Cream 5625M-7
Gingham Girls 10 Inch Stacker from Penny Rose 10-5900-42
Gingham Girls 2.5 Inch Rolie Polie from Penny Rose RP5900-40
Gingham Girls 5 Inch Stacker from Penny Rose
Gingher 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker Shears
Give Thanks Black Border
Give Thanks Black Floral
Give Thanks Black Stripe
Give Thanks Harvest Patch Panel
Give Thanks Tan Wheat
Give Us This Day Panel 23678-JK
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