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Lonesome Pine Quilts - Product Index
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Pieceful Gathering 24x45 Panel 3442P-97
Pieceful Gathering floral 3443-01
Pieceful Gathering Plaid 3446-77
Pink Tiny Rose RU2200-18B
Pinwheel Jo Morton Border A7764R
Pinwheel Jo Morton Large Paisley A7763R
Pinwheel Jo Morton Red A7767R
Pioneer Spirit Blue Cherry MAS8178-B
Pioneer Spirit Panel MAS8172-Z
Pioneer Spirit Red Cherry 8178-R
Pioneer Spirit White Cherry MAS8178-W
Plum Rose Gold Circles
Plush Cresents Terra Cotta 17895-16
Plush Grid Bark 17899-33
Plush Terra Cotta Blender 7521-748
Plush Terra Cotta Panel 17890-21
Pony Express 24" x 44" Trail Map Panel fromNorthcott DP21826-34
Pony Express Brown Emblem from Northcott 21836-36
Pony Express Brown Stamp from Northcott 21831-34
Pony Express Brown Trail Scenery from Northcott 21830-36
Pony Express Station Boards from Northcott 21829-34
Pony Express Stripe from Northcott 21833-34
Poppy Garden Black Poppies from Clothworks Y2186-3
Poppy Garden Border Strip from Clothworks Y2185-3
Poppy Garden Off White Poppies from Clothworks Y2186-1
Portofino Blue Batik from Batik Tetiles 3804
Potato Allover
Prairie Floral Teal 29000-18
Prairie Paisley II Cream
Pretty As A Peacock Feathers 24936 Y_l
Pretty As A Peacock Panel 24934 Y_l
Pretty Foxy 24" x 45" Panel from Paintbrush Studio 12014731
Pretty Foxy Green Houndstooth from Paintbrush Studio 12014722
Pretty Foxy Red Houndstooth from Paintbrush Studio 12014721
Prim & Proper 10" Stacker from Riley Blake by the pack 10-6580-42
Prim & Proper 2.5" Strips Rolie Polie from Riley Blake RP-6580-40
Prim & Proper 5" Stacker Pack from Riley Blake 5-6580-42
Primavera Pink and Teal Plaid from Riley Balke C5743-Teal
Primavera-Ivory Floral from Riley Blake C5740-Ivory
Primitive Stitches Blocks Panel from Henry Glass 8815P-77
Project Linus--Pink Snoopy
Puffy Teddy Softbook 2958P-11
Pumpkins For Sale 24" xx 45" Panel from Northcott 21668-49
Puppies N' Kittens Dogs Allover
Purple Dot Blender 39055-666
QT Owl In The Family Panel 1649-24121X
QT Snoopy Flying Ace Light Blue Clouds 1649-24013B
QT Snoopy Flying Ace Panel 1649-24010B
Quail 24" x 45" Panel from Andover
Quail Barns 8361N
Quail Brown Trees 8362N
Quail green grass A8364G
Quail Yellow Grass A8364Y
Quick and Cute Tuffets Pattern EUQ304
Quiet Bunny and The Night Sky 71639-441
Quiet Bunny and The Night Song Border Stripe 71635-742
Quiet Bunny Many Colors Book Panel Multi 71623-742
Quiet Bunny Many Colors Border Repeating Stripe Multi 71624-475
Quilt in a Day Large Flying Geese Ruler 2007CC
Quilt in a Day Pioneer Sampler Book 1053QD
Quilt in a Day Small Flying Geese Ruler 2006CC
Quilt In A Day Still Stripping Afer 25 Years by Eleanor Burns
Quilt in a Day Underground Railroad Book 1068QD
Quilter's Basic Harmony black Dot Fabric from Blank Quilting 4520-908
Quilter's Basic Harmony Black Music Notes Fabric from Blank 4520-909
Quilter's Basic Harmony White Dot Fabric from Blank Quilting 4520-101
Quilters Basics 5 inchs squares 3004L-02-01
Quilter's Shadow Brown Blender from Blank 4516-300
Quilter's Shadow Deep Red Blender from Blank 4516-409
Quilter's Shadow Lime Blender from Blank 4516-800
Quilter's Shadow Sage Green Blender from Blank 4516-805
Quilter's Shadow Shambray from Blank 4516-615
Quilters Wonder Ruler Cut Triangle QRWCT
Quilting Naturals Brickwork 20 18"x22" Fat Quarter Pack
Quilting Temptations Brown 22542AT
Quilting Temptations Chocolate 22542A
Quilting Temptations Grape Blender 22542V
Quilting Temptations Steel Grey Fabric from Quilting Treasures 22542K
Quilting Temptations Straw 22542-EA
Quilting Temptations Turquoise Blender 22542QZ
Quilting Temptations Yellow 22542S
Rail Fence Quilt
Rail King Railroad Tickets
Rail King Red Luggage
Rainbow Garden 24"x45" Panel 86365-431
Rainbow Garden Buds 86368-773
Rainbow Garden Stripe 86370-731
Razorback Pink
Ready For Takeoff 24" x 45" Playmat Panel from Wilmington 65182-791
Ready For Takeoff Black & Green Runway Stripe from Wilmington 65190-975
Ready For Takeoff Blue Airplanes Allover Fabric from Wilmington 65184-451
Ready For Takeoff Blue Paper Airplanes fabric from Wilmington 65188-437
Ready For Takeoff Blue Words fabric from Wilmington 65187-454
Ready For Takeoff Border Stripe fabric from Wilmington 65183-479
Ready Set Color White 23058-Z
Reason For The Season Red Poinsettia Q1828-82482-973_3
Reclaimed West Meadow Farm Equipment C2902-MEAD
Reclaimed West Red Horseshoes C2901-RED
Red Farmland Friends
Red Large Rose Bouquet RU2200-11E
Red Tiny Rose RU2200-18E
Redwood Express Train Signs from Blank Fabrics 8443-11
Redwood Express Black Packed Train Signs from Blank Fabrics 8442-90
Richard Hemming & Son Large Eye Betweens
Riley Blake Navy Chevron C320-21
River Rocks Batik Softies Dark Tan MASB03-027
River Rocks Deep Green Rust Batik MASB03-019
River Rocks Multi Midnight Batik MASB03-028
River Rocks Tan Cobblestone Batik MASB03-020
Robert Kaufman Aloe Flowers ADZ1536936
Robert Kaufman Blue Lake Confetti ADZ1537073
Robert Kaufman Camellia Confetti ADZ15370122
Robert Kaufman Camellia Flowers ADZ15369122
Robert Kaufman Lavender Kittons On Dot ADZ1536623
Robert Kaufman Yellow Bunnies ADZ15367140
Robert Kaufman Yellow Flowers ADZ15369140
Rock Around The Clock Pink Poodles fabric from Blank 8220-22
Rock Around The Clock Red Dancers 8219-88
Rodeo Up 24" x 45" Panel from Blank Quilting BP8549-41
Rodeo Up Red Bandana from Blank Quilting 8558-88
Rooster Royale Rooster Feathers Black 22781J
Roses are Red Cameo 22965P
Roses are Red Red 22966R
Row by Row Green Blender R9020-78
Row by Row Medium Blue R9020-444
Row By Row Patriot Blue R9020-49
Rudolph and Friends Lt. Green Snowflakes 1649-23955-G
Rudolph and Friends Red Snowflakes 1649-23955-R
Safari Zebra Brown 22843A
Samsara Ivory BTR6793
Samsara Paisley Black BTR6789
Sand 418E-SAND
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Blue Snowflake from Northcott 21697-44
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Red Candy Cane Stripe from Northcott 21696-24
Santa's Big Night Panel from Wilmington 67555-973
Santa's Big Night Red and Green Diagonal Stripe from Wilmington 67559-371
Santa's Big Night Red Diagonal Sripe from Wilmington 67559-331
Santa's Big Night Santa Allover Fabric from Wilmington 67557-971
Savannah Classics Brown & Pink Buds Reproduction Floral from Washington Street SCLA483Z
Savannah Classics Brown & Pink Large Reproduction Floral from Washington Street SCLA491Z
Savannah Classics Pink Vine Reproduction Floral from Washington Street SCLA487P
Savannah Classics Tan Vine Reproduction Floral from Washington Street SCLA487E
Scarlet Botanica Black Floral from Henry Glass 8414-99
School Days
Secret Garden Packed Cards Ivory Q1825-85567-123
Secret Garden Repeating Stripe Multi Q1825-85566-143
Secret Garden Rose A/O Pink/White Q1825-85570-317
Serenity Painterly Waves EESSER90234-KB
Serenity Painterly Waves Ombre EESSER90234-R
Serenity Prayer-Panel from Quilting Treasures 25825F
Sew Into It Eye Catcher Sunglasses Kit from Hoffman SCEYE-147
Sew Musical License Plates from Timeless Treasures C5938-FOAM
Sew Musical Sea Map from Timeless Treasures C5936-SEA
Shadow Blush Assorted Color 5" Squares from Benartex
Shadow Play Brown Blender from Maywood MAS513-A3
Shadow Play Chocolate Brown Blender MAS513-J39 from Maywood
Shadow Play Teal Blender MAS513-QQ
She Who Sews Medium Picture Patches 23064-EJ
Short & Stout Cream
Shout Color Catcher
Silent Night 24" x 45" Nativity Panel from Blank 8540P-77
Silent Night Cathedral Panel 120-12241
Silent Night Ironwork Green 120-12162
Silent Night Medallion Tile Red 120-12202
Silent Night Red Vine 120-12212
Silly Snowman 24" x 45" Panel 23956B
Silly Snowman Stripe 23960B
Silly Snowman White Snowflake 23959Z
Silver Lining 10 Karet 10" Squares Set from Wilmington Q512-25-512
Silver Lining 2.5" Strip Set from Wilmington Q842-25-842
Silver Lining 5 Karet 5" Squares Set from Wilmington Q507-25-507
Silver Lining Silver Leaf fabric from Wilmington 1817-39095-990
Silver Medium Suede Tonal SUED300-S
Silver Suede Tonal SUE5301-S
Simply Primitive Gray Batik from Batik Tetiles 0807
Skin Thimble Finger Gripper Face Gold
Sky Digital P4328-16-Sky
Skylines Silver Steel Digital fabric from Hoffman N4234H-296
Slam Dunk Black Basketballs from Benartex 8365-12
Sleigh Ride Blue Sky 68795-441
Sleigh Ride Brown Brick 68793-251
Sleigh Ride Red Brick 68793-851
Smokey River Pattern PTN1580-10
Snoopy Flying Ace Red Woodstock 1649-24014R
Snow Much Fun Red Barnwood fabric from Clothworks Y2214-82
So Many Bunnies Toss Numbers
Sock Monkey Flannel 104-24011
Soft & Stable Stabilizer
Sokie-Dokie Fabric Presoak
Solitaire Whites 10" Squares Pack SWLC
Solitaire Whites 5" Squares Packs SWCP
Somerset Flowers Cream 619E
Somerset Large Flower Black 614K
Somerset Paisley Black 615K
Somerset Swirl Black 616K
Somerset Swirly Red 618R
Something Old Something New Platinum White 22281KZ
Sonoma Solids Dark Pink Solid from Wilmington 1343-00000-0263
Sonoma Solids Teal Blender Fabric From Wilmington 0347
Sorbet Blue Baby Chevron 23689Q
Sorbet Cotton Candy Strips 1654272826
Sorbet Green Baby Chevron 23689 H_l
Sorbet Green Bubbles 23690H
Sorbet Key Lime Strip Set1654272825
Sorbet Lavender Baby Chevron 23689L
South Sea Imports Green Blender 26035-701
Southwind Farm Green Trees 68772-779S
Southwind Farm Pink Blossom 68773-437S
Southwind Farm White Blossom 68773-417S
Spangle Black 108 wide 3292-99
Spangle Gray 108 wide backing 3292-90
Spider Web Black
Splash Chamois
Splash Jelly Roll 22014002727
Splash Lime Blender from Blank Quilting 3504-Lime
Splash Meadow Green
Splash Papaya
Splash Rosette
Splash Seafoam Blender from Blank Quilting 3504-Seafoam
Spooktacular Black Spider Web 05664-12
Spooky Spots EZC-12872-282
Spring Showers 30's Pink Piggies 98555-133
Spring Showers Blue 30's Floral 98560-457
Spring Showers Green 30's Floral 98560-737
Square One Quilt Kit
Star Fall Blue 39078-411
Star Wars Rogue One Villians Panel from Camelot Cottons 7370111P
Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo Fabric from Camelot Cottons 7360108
Stars and Stripes Panel from Northcott 39371-49
Sticks and Stones Charm Pack 19680
Stipple Floral 6 Storybook Classics
Stonehenge Gradation Oxydized Copper 10 inch tiles TSTONE42-69
Stonehenge Gradations Graphite 39300-95
Stonehenge Gradations Graphite strip set SSTONE40-95
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Fabric 39300-46 from Northcott
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Fabric Blender from Northcott 39304-46
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Fabric Blender from Northcott 39305-46
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Fabric from Northcott 39302-47
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Fabric from Northcott 39303-46
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Limestone Fabric Blender from Northcott 39306-46
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Navy Sienna Blender from Northcott 39300-47
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Slate Fabric from Northcott 39301-47
Stonehenge Gradations Mystic Midnight Strip Set from Northcott SSTONE40-40
Stonehenge Gradations tan 39306-68
Stonehenge Gray 108" Wide Back 3937-92
Stonehenge Old Glory Words from Northcott
Stonehenge SlateBlender 39300-97
Stonehenge Stars & Stripes Red Stars 39101-24
Stonehenge Top 50 Colors 5" Chips from Northcott STONE50-50
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